I had heard stories from my grandparents how they provoked a parrot with the illusion of food for a few days and then trapped it inside a cage. They say it is difficult to catch hold of a bird in a cage by bait but if successful, they are tamed to serve as the recreation of the others, till one day they find a scope and courage to fly away. The parrot had quickly learned to imitate the people around, with keen observation and often called out by names. For a while, I was like the parrot trapped in the corporate cage of money and a prosperous future. In the middle of 2014, I got into an internship in a telecom company in Kolkata, India, and thus marked my first steps into the illusion of the corporate world. The following year, in March 2015, I landed my first job stepping into the cage that trapped me for the next 23 months. Soon the restricted space started to get the better of me and photography became my way out into a personal space of relief with the routine of 9 to 5. Like the bird caged from its freedom, fluttering its wings inside the cage, I moved from one corner to the other, trying to find my solace within the confined walls, chasing sunlight till it filtered through the curtains before the fluorescent lights took over. Stepping in from sunlight to stepping outside into the darkness, blinded by the fluorescent lights all day, sometimes lost track of time. While visitors come by for some recreation at the cost of the bird’s freedom, I shared similar sentiment like the bird as the pressure of office started to get onto my nerves. Gradually entertaining clients and others became the sole routine taking control of half my day. I sneaked in for moments of opportunity to observe, capture, document, imitating the life around me with my phone. By the end of almost two years in the corporate cage, freedom called for a chance and I harped on it. The series of pictures depict my journey through those 23 months, dealing with the ups and downs and the life around me in those times.