Kaustav Sarkar (b.1990, India), is an independent, self-taught photographer, based out of Kolkata, India. Fashion and commercial work alongside exploring personal work form the major part of his current work. Striking a balance between the classic nature of photographs that make them timeless, to contemporary times is what leads his vision.

Echoing a sense of strong aesthetics that reflects across his portfolio, he is open to exploring avenues that challenge his vision and strives to create works on emotion and sensitivity that connects his photographs to the audience.

Initially starting out with photographing the streets, to the documentation of certain events, working for NGOs, covering weddings to commercial and fashion, Kaustav holds a fair share of understanding and skills in multiples disciplines of photography channelizing his experiences overtime to his present bodies of work, commercial and personal.


Email: kaustavsarkarphotography@gmail.com  |   Phone: 09477327706